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The origin of nanfeng tangerine
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 Nanfeng tangerine is one of the best varieties of ancient citrus in China and one of the most famous products in jiangxi province. On the history of golden fruit color, skin thin meat tender, food does not retain residue, flavor thick sweet, fragrant and famous at home and abroad. According to the ancient book yu gong records, as early as more than 2000 years ago, the orange produced in the area of nanfeng has been listed as "tribute". One of the eight famous people in tang and song dynasties, zeng gong, a native of nanfeng, once wrote a poem in praise of oranges in his hometown: "the autumn fruits are seen in hundreds of bright colors, and many leaves are poured over by frost. Cui yu tassels out of the day battle, gold play ball phase swing mo. Into the bud few orange pomelo base, tripod start full salt plum and. River's lake suffering by common eye slow, ban royal still feel more wood. Who can offer the son of heaven, consistent tree ling cangbo." Thus it can be seen that at that time, the candied tangerine can be presented to the emperor, so nanfeng candied tangerine has the reputation of "gong tangerine". In the friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries, he was once honored as "the king of orange" by comrade Stalin.

 More than 200 years ago, nanfeng honey oranges began to specialize in production. Qing dynasty lu qiguang in Angle feng custom products records: "tangerine, four well-known. At the end of autumn, the hedgerow danbi clusters. Min - wide production than its sweet. Yangmei village near the city water south, do not work on the farm, only for industry." With the development of society, the production of tangerine has realized scientific breeding and cultivation. Nanfeng tangerine edible value and medicinal value are very high, the whole body is treasure. Fresh fruit is rich in nutrition, in 100 ml fruit juice, it contains 11.3 grams of sugar, 1 gram of citric acid, vitamin C19.5 milligrams, and 14% of soluble solid substances (mainly sugar, amino acid, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other elements). Orange peel has the function of regulating qi and strengthening spleen, clearing damp reducing phlegm. Tangluo has the effect of smoothing collaterals, relaxing tendons, regulating qi and activating blood circulation. Orange energy can regulate qi, diffuse knot and relieve pain. Nanfeng tangerine can also be used as raw materials of processing industry, such as orange glucoside extracted from orange peel can be made into drugs for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction; With pulp wine, vinegar, produce candied orange champagne, candied orange cola, etc., has a unique fragrance. Orange peel can be used to extract natural pectin and essence, which is safe and widely used in food industry and medicine industry.

 Nanfeng tangerine source gives milk tangerine. Nanfeng county is surrounded by mountains, located in the south of hongzhou (nanchang), warmer than hongzhou in winter, cooler than hongzhou in summer, suitable for the growth of kumquat. Before kaiyuan of the tang dynasty, more than 1300 years ago, milk orange settled in nanfeng. Due to excellent ecological conditions, it soon became the main cultivator of fruit trees. After a long time breeding, although it comes from the milk orange, it has a new character, which is sweeter, high in sugar and low in acid, and rich in aroma. People with its taste like honey will be called "tangerine", sold to the field with the name of producing area called "nanfeng tangerine". Since the tang and song dynasties, nanfeng sweet oranges were all listed as tributes to the imperial court, so it is known as "gongju". At the end of qing dynasty and the beginning of republic of China, the production of nanfeng tangerine reached its peak, with a maximum annual output of 120,000 Dan. During the period of the republic of China, due to wars and disasters, production declined from prosperity to decline. A large number of orange trees were cut down and orange gardens were deserted. By the eve of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the area of nanfeng tangerine was less than 3,000 mu, with an annual output of 17,789 tangerine. Nanfeng honey orange cultivation area concentrated in the city and county near yapu, shuinan, bayberry, maodian and other villages, 5 kilometers away from the city is rarely cultivated. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the party and the people's government attached great importance to the development of orange production and adopted a series of effective measures to help and support orange farmers in policy, technology, economy and management to recover and develop orange production.

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