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The effect and function of red titty
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  Eat more red benefits, eat red, red contains fruit acid and active enzymes can help us promote digestion, stimulate people's appetite.

  Eating more red extract can delay aging. Red extract contains a lot of anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants that can increase our body activity and thus delay aging.

  Eat more red extract can resist the invasion of the virus, red extract contains a very rich polyaminophenol, this material is a good antiviral ingredients, eat more red extract helps us resist the virus, improve the body.

  Eat more red, red contains a very rich resveratrol, this material is a good anti-cancer substances, eat more red can prevent cancer and fight cancer.

  Eat more red ti, red ti contains a lot of water, in the hot summer days eat more red ti can help us to supplement the loss of water, with drinking water can be shengjin quench thirst.

  Red titi contains rich nutrients inside, eating more red titi can help us absorb these nutrients, so as to strengthen our physique and enhance our immunity.

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