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The nutritional value and contraindication of red extract
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  1, red extract glucose content is high

  There is a large amount of glucose in red extract, and its total content can account for about 20% of the total mass of red extract. After people eat red extract, they can quickly add sugar and avoid the appearance of substitute blood glucose. These sugar can also be converted into energy after entering the body, which can relieve fatigue.

  2. High content of trace elements in red extract

  Red in a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body, especially the content of flavonoids and phenolic substances are high, the two substances are natural antioxidant, after they enter human body not only can remove free radicals, also can inhibit the formation of cancer cells, the aging of the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular efficacy is top-notch.

  3, red mention of food taboos

  Although red extract is good, there are some taboos when eating it. For example, people with diabetes and hyperglycemia can eat red extract, or it will aggravate the symptoms of hyperglycemia, which is very adverse to the control of diabetes. In addition, hong ti cannot be eaten together with seafood, radish and other food materials, because it is the opposite of nature. If eaten together, it will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other adverse symptoms, endangering human health.

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